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Electro catalysis

Very recently, we have initiated a project in electro catalysis using model electrodes for a fundamental understanding of the structure-activity relation during the Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions (OER and HER) as well as the electro oxidation of hydrocarbons. Here we combine techniques such as HESXRD, 2D-SOR, Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) and Electro Chemical XPS (ECXPS).


[1] An electrochemical cell for 2-dimensional surface optical reflectance during anodization and cyclic voltammetry W. Linpe, G. S. Harlow, A. Larsson, G. Abbondanza, L. Rämisch, S. Pfaff, J. Zetterberg, J. Evertsson, E. Lundgren, Rev. Sci. Instrum., 91 (2020) 044101

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