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Catalysis and electrochemistry


Technical and industrial relevant chemical processes such as catalysis and electrochemistry occur at solid surfaces in complex environments in terms of material composition, pressure, temperature and medium. As a consequence, the atomic scale structure and the environmental composition close to the active material which governs the chemical processes are notoriously difficult to determine.

To circumvent this problem, we perform fundamental and applied research using recent developments in synchrotron radiation, laser techniques and innovating sample environments relevant for catalysis and electrochemistry.

The information gained from our experiments will provide a new view on chemical reactions at surfaces promoting our current understanding, to enable breakthroughs in the design of superior catalyst and electrode materials based on atomistic knowledge and control.  


For theoretical modelling, we will collaborate with external modelling experts as we have done frequently over the years, in particular Prof. Henrik Grönbeck at Chalmers University, Prof. Bjørk Hammer, Aarhus University, and Prof. Karsten Reuter at Technical University of Munich.

Interested in working with us?

Available BSc/Msc projects

We welcome candidates for BSc and MSc thesis.

PhD and PostDoc positions

When available published on Lund University's website. Direct contact is welcome.

Project leaders

Links will open in Lund University's Research Portal

Postdocs / PhD students

  • Alfred Larsson
  • Helen Edström
  • Giuseppe Abbondanza
  • Josefin Eidhagen (KTH)
  • Dorotea Gajdek (MAU)
  • Lisa Rämisch (Combustion Physics)
  • Sabrina Gerricke (Combustion Physics)
  • Weronica Linpe
  • Stefano Albertin
  • Harald Wallander (MAU)
  • Sebastian Pfaff (Combustion Physics)

Former group members

Former PhD students

  • Lisa Rullik
  • Jianfeng Zhou (Combustion Physics)
  • Jonas Evertson
  • Mikhail Shipilin
  • Alif Arman
  • Elin Grånäs
  • Sara Blomberg
  • Natalia Martin
  • Rasmus Westerström
  • Andrea Resta
  • Johan Gustafson  

Former postdocs

  • Uta Hejral
  • Gary Harlow
  • Florian Bertram
  • Lindsay Merte
  • Maria Messing
  • Kees-Jan Weststrate
  • Elizabeta Cavar

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