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Duplex Stainless Steels (DSS) are complex high-strength and corrosion resistant materials used in many applications. Nevertheless they still corrode, and in a collaboration with the group of Jinshan Pan at KTH in Stockholm, we perform in situ studies at various synchrotrons of DSS as they corrode using a combination of GISXRD, Transmission XRD, XRR, and X-Ray Fluorescence [1].


[1] Redefining passivity breakdown of super duplex stainless steel by electrochemical operando synchrotron near surface X-ray analyses
M. Långberg, C. Örnek, J. Evertsson, G. S Harlow, W. Linpé, L. Rullik, F. Carlà, R. Felici, E. Bettini, U. Kivisäkk, E. Lundgren, J. Pannpj
Materials Degradation (2019) 3:22

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