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Accelerator Physics


The Accelerator Physics group work with the development of accelerators and accelerator technology. The focus is on electron accelerators to produce synchrotron radiation. The present projects are in the fields of Free Electron Lasers. We are currently developing the Free Electron Laser part in the SXL project at MAX IV. A project for the future development of the facility. The research interest is in the fields of advanced schemes for Free Electron Lasers. Questions on how to “seed” the process to gain stability and control of the optical mode are addressed. Further we are working on how the optical properties can be tailored to suit experiments using the radiation. We also work on how the electron beam driving the Free Electron Laser can be controlled and handled to provide the necessary properties.

Interested in working with us?

Available BSc/Msc projects

We welcome candidates for BSc and MSc thesis.

PhD and PostDoc positions

When available published on Lund University's website. Direct contact is welcome.

Project leaders

Links will open in Lund University's Research Portal

Postdocs / PhD students

  • Johan Lundquist

Former group members

Former Postdocs

  • Dr Weilun Qin
  • Dr Saeid Pirani

Former PhD students

  • David K. Olsson
  • Mihai Pop
  • Galina Skripka
  • Teresia Olsson
  • Sara Thorin
  • Jonas Breunlin
  • Nino Cutic
  • Alan Mak
  • Walan Grizolli
  • Christian Stråhlman
  • Anders Hansson
  • Marko Swoboda
  • Thilo Friedrich

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