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Master's programmes

The Division is responsible for two master's programmes in Material Science and X-ray and Neutron Science. These programmes are made in connection with the two major multidisciplinary research facilies in Lund: MAX-IV laboratory and European Spallation Source.

Website of the Master's programme in Materials ScienceWebsite of the Master's programme in X-ray and Neutron Science

Bachelor's and Master's projects

Courses at Bachelor's and Master's level

Most staff of the Division are engaged in courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The topic of these courses are related to:

  • Mechanics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Solid State Physics
  • Material science, Photon and X-ray science, Neutron science  and Accelerator science

The below links will lead to Lund University's website.

Graduate schools related to our research activities


Advanced Microscopy Research Environment

ADMIRE's website


A research school dedicated to scientific discovery using computing

COMPUTE's website


Helmholtz-Lund graduate school on advanced instrumentation

HELIOS' website

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